About Us

Redefining The Apartment Living Experience

AION Management is part of group of companies that represent all areas of real estate. AION’s companies – AION Partners, AION Management, and AION Construction – are committed to providing Best in Class workforce housing solutions to residents in the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West regions. With offices in New York and Philadelphia, the AION teams have a strong presence in both commercial and residential real estate in both of those cities. The AION residential portfolio extends from Northern New Jersey south to the Baltimore/Washington corridor, and Virginia, and as far west as Indianapolis.

Together with AION Construction, AION Management can provide significant value-add amenities and options to the residential portfolio. The extensive communication, budgeting, and partnership provided by all three branches of AION minimizes resident disruption during capital project construction and maximizes asset value.

AION Management is a privately held, integrated company with AION Partners and AION Construction. Together we provided comprehensive real estate services and improve all aspects of the properties we own and manage. AION Management is recognized by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) as an Accredited Management Organization (AMO®).