AION Partners is the investment management division, responsible for sourcing, acquiring, and managing the properties in the portfolio. Headquartered in New York and as a team of 25 individuals, AION Partners acts as a fiduciary on behalf of over 400 investors, representing over $1.3B of investor equity. The team identifies and capitalizes on acquisitions through Joint Ventures, and closed-end discretionary fund vehicles. To date, AION Partners has owned and operated nearly $4B of real estate across seven states and over 30,000 apartment units.

The primary focus for AION Partners is to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns to an exclusive investor group. We do so by surveying the macro-level real estate market, identifying undervalued and undercapitalized sectors with strong growth dynamics, and aggressively pursuing market-specific acquisitions. We then get to work creating value while preserving yield; efficiently executing our business plans by utilizing active management techniques and favorable access to the capital markets.

AION Partners has spent 20 years building a reputation of reliability within the markets where they transact. As such, they are capable of sourcing unique investment opportunities through a wide network of industry contacts. Tapping over 50 years of collective industry experience, AION partners has built a value-add strategy that is repeatable and scalable.