Apartment Near Kindred Hospital Philadelphia

Our apartments near Kindred Hospital Philadelphia are the best place to be if your loved one is benefitting from the extended recovery care that this nearby hospital provides. Your home at Park Waverly grants you the convenience of living next to your loved ones at the hospital while they get back to health.

All of us will face times in our lives when we will have to care for a sick loved one. Sometimes, recovery can last quite a long time and require professional attention. Our apartments near Kindred Hospital Philadelphia take the guesswork out of how to make it through this time by providing a beautiful space to live with easy access to your recovering family member. Park Waverly is just the home base you need to recharge during what can be very long days.

Unfortunately, life does not stop when people get ill or injured. After a while, you have to return to work, to paying the bills, to walking the dogs, to the daily duties of life. Park Waverly’s Olympic-sized swimming pool, patios, and terraces give you the space to exhale the stress and inhale the fresh air. These amenities along with the conveniences of onsite laundry, maintenance, and security makes our apartments near Kindred Hospital Philadelphia a community that assists in balancing all of the aspects of your life.

Your search for pet-friendly living is over. If you have a four-legged roommate, our apartments at Park Waverly welcome pets with open arms. We have no weight restrictions so tiny pups to large breeds are happy to call Park Waverly home. They will love walking through our beautifully landscaped grounds.

Perhaps you’re on staff at the hospital and looking for a home close to work? Your future apartment near Kindred Hospital Philadelphia is waiting for you. Hours at the hospital can be long and tiring. The last thing you need or want is a grueling commute. When Park Waverly is your home you can be from work to home in moments. Less commute time equals more time living and enjoying your life. Whether it is our on-site amenities or our proximity to all of the activities available in and around Philadelphia, your time away from work only increases when your travel time to the hospital decreases.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today to find out how you can become a part of our Park Waverly community.