Apartment Living Near Wharton State Forest

Nature lovers looking for apartments for rent near Wharton State Forest will feel right at home at Holly Court.

Our Pitman apartments are just 40 minutes from the park, the largest state forest in all of New Jersey. At nearly 123,000 acres, the forest spans three counties and draws visitors from around the region for outdoor activities of all kinds, set amid a beautiful backdrop.

Hiking is one of the most popular attractions at Wharton State Forest. Dozens of trails wind through the forest, with terrains of all kinds for hikers of differing abilities, while unpaved roads provide exciting challenges for off-road cyclists. One of the most popular trails, the Batona Trial, is a 50-mile path that connects Wharton with two other New Jersey forests.

Visitors to Wharton State Forest can get an education in nature as they pass through natural wetlands, bogs and pine barrens. In the warmer months, visitors can cool off in ponds, lakes and rivers, or try their hands (and feet!) at a boat, canoe or kayak trip. Animal lovers will want to keep their eyes peeled, as the park is home to countless wildlife, including rare frogs and turtles, as well as eagles, hawks and ospreys.

The forest also offers some history lessons. Visitors can take a self-guided tour through the Batso Village, a collection of several-dozen structures built in the 1700s, when they were used for iron- and glassmaking. A trip through Harrisville is also like a walk back in time, as visitors can poke around the ghost town that dates to the 1800s. Also dating to the 1800s, the Atsion Mansion has been expertly restored to provide a glimpse back to a different time.

With so much to see and do, many visitors take advantage of the cabin and tent camping for multi-day adventures. However, residents at Holly Court’s apartments for rent near Wharton State Forest can be back home from a long day of outdoor adventures in no time.

Holly Court apartments are home to lots of lush, green space but nature lovers looking for an extra dose of the great outdoors don’t have to travel far to get it.