Tricia Corwin, Vice President - Mid Atlantic

Tricia Corwin is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience in building and expanding property management divisions and regions. As the Vice President overseeing the Mid-West portfolio for AION, she manages a vast portfolio covering Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, and Maryland. Tricia’s expertise lies in stabilizing teams and assets, driving results through her adept skills in various aspects of property management.

Her extensive experience includes writing and implementing policies and procedures for operations, facilities, and accounting, which contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of property management processes. Tricia excels in hiring, training, and retaining talent, emphasizing a people-centric approach both internally within the organization and externally with clients and stakeholders. Additionally, she places a strong emphasis on financial solvency, ensuring adherence to standards and promoting accountability within her teams.

Prior to joining AION, Tricia held key leadership roles, including Regional Vice President at Winn Residential and Director of Property Management at TREK Development Group.

Tricia’s dedication to professional development is evident through her certifications, including a PHM certification, ARM, and CPM candidate designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). She also actively contributes to the industry by serving on the board of the Pennsylvania Affordable Housing Management Association (PAHMA), further demonstrating her dedication to advancing the field of property management.

Tricia’s commitment to her career is matched only by her dedication to her family and personal interests. As a devoted mother of three, she prioritizes spending quality time with her children and spending time in Florida with her family. Additionally, her adventurous spirit shines through her love for riding motorcycles alongside her husband.

Tricia’s ability to balance her career, family, and personal interests showcases her multifaceted nature and her capacity to thrive in various aspects of her life. This well-rounded approach not only enriches her personal experiences but also likely contributes to her success and fulfillment in her professional endeavors.